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We have asked product managers worldwide to elaborate their experiences in product cases.

You can now learn from these experiences by starting with their cases.

What is a product case exactly?

A product case is a collection of challenging assignments that are linked to the previous experience of a senior product manager.

Each product case consists of 3 parts.

In the first part you will gain more insight into the background of the subject (each product case has its own subject).

You conclude this first part with a short (online) test.

In the second part, you study a detailed case of an experienced product manager and complete 2 to 3 assignments on this case.

The second part is concluded with a coaching session with a product coach.

Finally, in the 3rd part you will work with the same assignments as in part 2, but you will now apply them in your own work environment.

You also conclude the 3rd part with a coaching conversation

Why should I make a product case?

With a product case you get to know the experiences of other product managers in a practical way.

You can learn from this and you can immediately apply what you have learned in your own work environment

Can I also submit / develop product cases myself?

You certainly can! Everyone with extensive experience is welcome.

You can send an email to brian@popmglobal.com with your motivation and a topic on which you could make a case

This is why our *cases* are so popular

I have taken several cases, which is very fun and also exciting to do. I now know where I stand and I develop myself further.
Mina Hollace
/ Product manager
POPM is my best choice. Their tutors are smart and professional when dealing with other product managers.
Madley Pondor
/ Product Owner
I am happy with their arrangement of cases and subjects. They reflect a real scenario
Luvic Dubble
/ Product Coach
I'm a very strict person so I require everything to be organized and neat POPM guys just got me.
Florence Omoda
/ Business Analyst

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