Product Case B1: Developing a product strategy

Product Case B1: Developing a product strategy

Product Case B1: Developing a product strategy


Product Case Description

This is the product case of part B1: Developing a product strategy

A product case is a collection of challenging assignments that are linked to the previous experience of a senior product manager. During this product case we will discuss the following components:

This product case is about: Developing a product strategy

Be ready for the Go-to-Market

  • What a product strategy is and is noT

  • Product strategy framework

  • The Customer Value Proposition as the cornerstone of the product strategy

  • Communicating the product strategy

  • From growth to scale

The product case consists of the following fixed components:

  1. Background information on the theme

  2. Online practice exam

  3. Product case with 3 extensive assignments to solve the case

  4. First coaching session 45 min 

  5. Assignments for the work environment

  6. Second coaching session 45 min 

  7. Final report and ready for the BOVPM product exam

After completing the product case you can participate in the official exam of BOVPM

  • During the exam of BOVPM, the assignments of your product case at POPM Global are assessed by an independent assessor from BOVPM.
  • If you pass the exam successfully, you will receive a BOPVM Branch certificate and a detailed explanation of the 3 different parts.
  • You can use the certificate and explanation when applying for a job or to grow within your current work environment.
  • With the certificate you show what you are worth



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