How does POPM work?

How POPM works?

Product managers from all over the world submit cases to POPM. We convert these cases into training courses that are immediately applicable for your own job.

You can complete a training completely in 2 weeks, but that of course depends on your own learning pace and the time you have available.

We give you at least 7 weeks. This gives you plenty of time, but also a "big stick" to complete the training as soon as possible.


Our Level classification

How does our Levels work?

The product cases are divided into 3 different levels: A, B and C. You as a product manager professional can decide for yourself which case you want to do.

We are happy to give you advice. For example, the product cases at level C are much more strategic and the cases at level A are more focused on the basis of product management. You can read more about the levels here.

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