POPM Levels classification

The POPM Levels

The POPM product cases are divided into 3 different levels.

Because of this level classification, we offer every product professional a wide range of product case training and a certification at the correct level:

✔ POPM - A
✔ POPM - B
✔ POPM - C


a wide range of product case training and a certification

The POPM product cases are divided into 3 different levels:


The product cases with an A rating are product cases based on the basis of product management.

For these courses, we advise you to have from 0 to 3 years of work experience as a product manager or a comparable position.

Do you have more work experience, but would you like to follow a PM - A training? No problem, we only indicate the minimum experience you need to have to in our opinion to be able to follow this training properly.


If you want to develop even further and grow to a new level, then the product cases with a B level classification are really something for you.

These cases have a more tactical level.

It is useful that you have a working environment to apply these cases.

If you want to grow to an even higher level, we like to challenge you to develop yourself


Are you a senior product manager and do you want to develop yourself further? Then the PM - C product case training is perfect for you.

We recommend a minimum for these cases work experience from 6 to 7 years. These cases are mainly focused on strategy.

You certainly have the necessary years of work experience to successfully complete these cases required. But do you think you have enough in-house knowledge, but you are less than +6 years old work experience? No problem, you are free to follow any case of your choice.

Our Level certification

How does our Certifications work?

At POPM you can be officially certified as a product manager.

You can have your experience assessed independently per level (A, B or C) or per sub-level. (A1, B2 etc)

We work with independent assessors who objectively assess your product case results.

If you achieve a score of 75%, you are certified.

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