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A product case consists of various parts and steps

With our product cases you have the opportunity to learn from other product managers from all over the world.

Background information

#1 Start with the product case

The first part of the product case consists of background information on the subject. Here you will gain insight into the theory of the subject and you can also view one or more videos, podcasts, articles or blogs etc. You conclude the first part with a short test.
the product case and the assignments

#2 View the case and complete the assignments

The second part consists of the actual product case supplemented with the associated assignments. An experienced product manager has written down his own experience / scenario in a product case. On the basis of assignments you will also get started with this case and it is your task to complete the case positively.
Online product coaching
Onine coaching POPM

#3 Get instant feedback from experienced product coaches

You conclude the 2nd and 3rd part with coaching. You will talk to the experienced product coach about the assignments you have made. The coach will review your assignments and give you feedback, so that you can immediately pick up and improve. In the 2nd part you will receive feedback about the case and the client and the coaching of the 3rd part will be about the assignments that you have applied in your own work environment.
Apply the assignments in your own work environment

#4 Work out the case in your own work environment

In the 3rd part you will apply the assignments from part 2 in your own work environment. In this way you can immediately use what you have learned from the previous part during your work. In addition to creating this client, you will also receive feedback from an experienced product coach

Do you also want to learn from real cases and scenarios?

Use what you have learned from the product cases directly in your own work environment

Questions about our processes

Frequently asked questions

Product cases made by product colleagues worldwide

We have asked product managers worldwide to elaborate their experiences in product cases.

You can now learn from these experiences by starting with their cases.

What is a product case exactly?

A product case is a collection of challenging assignments that are linked to the previous experience of a senior product manager.

Each product case consists of 3 parts.

In the first part you will gain more insight into the background of the subject (each product case has its own subject).

You conclude this first part with a short (online) test.

In the second part, you study a detailed case of an experienced product manager and complete 2 to 3 assignments on this case.

The second part is concluded with a coaching session with a product coach.

Finally, in the 3rd part you will work with the same assignments as in part 2, but you will now apply them in your own work environment.

You also conclude the 3rd part with a coaching conversation

Why should I make a product case?

With a product case you get to know the experiences of other product managers in a practical way.

You can learn from this and you can immediately apply what you have learned in your own work environment

Why are the product cases free?

Our product cases are currently free because they are subsidized by the government. POPM Global has been awarded the temporary subsidy scheme NL Leert Door by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

This allows us to offer the product cases to 2000 product professionals for free.

The only requirement is that you are available with a Dutch citizen service number and a valid ID.

Why am I asked to upload my social security number and identification?

The product cases are free because POPM Global receives a subsidy from the government. The condition is that we can demonstrate that we have actually carried out product cases. For this we must have your data checked by the government.

How does uploading and verification of my data work?

POPM Global has chosen to be verified with a reliable and certified partner. Leer subsidy takes care of uploading, checking and storing your data. It does this in such a way that POPM Global and Leersubsidie ​​cannot access this data itself and that only the Ministry of Social Affairs can consult this data if necessary.

This allows us to guarantee that your data will be handled as securely as possible