Wie is POPM?

Who is POPM?

POPM is part of POPM Global. From the very popular "Tutor model", POPM has also emerged. The target? Connecting product managers worldwide through knowledge sharing.

POPM is the training company for product managers where knowledge sharing is central. Knowledge sharing without country borders, that is, because POPM is international!

This way you can learn in a very accessible and fast way from your international product manager colleagues through specific product cases based on real experiences.


how we work


The POPM product case training courses are specific and short-term. This way you can apply the acquired knowledge to your own work after just 1 week.

Unique to POPM is the combination of theory with practical assignments and personal guidance from a coach through 2 coaching sessions. In addition, all training courses are based on real cases of product managers from all over the world.

✔ International, genuine product cases
✔ Unique combination of theory, practical assignments and coaching
✔ Can be applied directly to your own job

Learn directly from experienced product colleagues

See our popular product cases

Head of Product
Vakantie Discounter
Head of Product
KP Labs
Head of Product
Chief Product Officer
Senior Product Manager
Community Lead
Head of Product
Senior Product Manager
Cell C
Product Director
Suit Supply
Senior Product Manager

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